Digital Designs 712 12" 1200w Subwoofer


The 700 series is designed for serious performance.

  • 1200w RMS
  • Double Stitched EROM Surrounds
  • High-temp 3.0, aluminum former voice coil
  • Laminated Spiders
  • Non-pressed paper cones
  • Cooling vent equipped cast aluminum baskets
  • Back plate coil gap venting
  • Extended pole piece
  • Its high-temp 3 voice coil can handle enough power to get extremely loud, for extremely long listening sessions. The 700 Series features a cast aluminum frame supporting a triple stack magnet motor, laminated triple layer poly cotton spiders, a higher strength non-pressed cone coupled to a longer excursion EROM surround, making them best suited for duty in vented enclosures.

    Availability - Up to 28 days. Please contact us to check UK stock levels.

    Driver Size - in 12
    Power Band - Watts 600 - 1200
    Burst Power - Watts 3600
    VCD - in 3
    Impedance D2 / D4
    Piston Dia - in 10
    Shipping Weight - lbs 38

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