Bass Face Complete System


Here we have the complete Bass Face Car Audio Package including the best selling 6.5" component speakers, the 4 channel amplifier and the 10" sub woofer and box including wiring kit, its great value and great sound too!

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  • Bass Face Complete Package
  • Sub
  • Amp
  • Speakers
  • Wiring Kit
  • With this complete package you will get all of the following:

    SPL 6C

    Power compression is often overlooked at the price of significantly reduced output when running at high power, due to increased resistance from head build up in the motor assembly. This also affords the BLACK series speakers a much more open and natural sound. We made the suspension as light weight as possible to retain amazing cone control. This gives the midrange units high sensitivity enabling them to be highly effective across a broad spectrum of power amplifiers. The tweeters use Neodymium magnets and ferrofluid cooling. This gives them a slimmer profile without loss of control. The domes are 100% pure silk with translucent finish which looks almost as good as it sounds! These are designed from the bottom up to impress even the most discerning ear. We are confident that these will surpass your expectations for even high end audio

    Overseas testing of the initial design during almost the whole of 2015 resulted in the final product being delivered in Q2 2016. V1 - Performance from the black series speakers is absolutely excellent and the entire range is capable of partnering up with any of our high quality SQ amplifiers to produce amazing results. We noted that the black on silver printing of the sticker on the back of the unit is vulnerable to damage very easily.


    The oversized power supply ensures clean and reliable bass reproduction whilst maintaining a wide frequency response for simultaneous full range use. The amplifier has a full set of controls for each pair of channels, including both high and low pass filters which allow for precise tailoring to match your equipment and preference.

    The DB4.1 DB2.1 and the DB1.1 were the original amps in the DB series. The 4 channel is a strong, reliable amp with modest sound quality at a very affordable price. V1 - The first version had great power, good reliability and useful feature set. V2 - The V2 was the same as the V1 but with manufacture moved to a new location. V3 - Upgrade power supply for higher power output and better sound quality, as well as some visual changes and changing the terminals to a better quality design. V4 - Bassface 2016 styling and some slight modifications to the crossover. V5 - Assembiles from November 2016. Following analysis in detail the amplifier has undergone improvements. Transformers and inductors are affixed to the PCB using improved adhesive. New output transistors for significant extra power. Reverse polarity connection protection upgraded to improve chances of withstanding a reverse connection. The circuit board has been lifted in the case to align the controls better and a rounded mounting foot has been introduced also to remove sharp edges. Crossover distortion has been reduced due to detail changes on the board. Felt strips have been added under the base plate to ensure no rattles.


    The SPL10.3 We have borrowed the motor structure from the SPL12.2 and shoe horned it into the 10 inch chassis resulting in phenomneal performance at an amazing price point. Ideal in both sealed and ported enclosures, it can be run in a compact enclosure for tight accurate bass or a larger ported enclosure, giving higher output potential at the tuning frequency of the cabinet. We have added a deep bump in the back plate to allow for excellent excursion.

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