BMW/Mini ultimate oem audio upgrade package.


  • Total Oem Integration
  • Looks Factory
  • Reversable
  • High Sound Quality
  • Were offering a perfect package for a for Oem integration audio upgrade with the Audison Prima 8.9 bit DSP Amplifier at the heart of the system.

    The 8.9 bit DSP Processor offers a solid 35 watt rms into 8 channels at 4ohms, and 80w rms into 2 ohms.

    This means we can power full set of speakers and underseat subwoofers actively for excellent sound quality with achieve higher volumes without sacrificing performance.

    Using the built in Digital Sound Processor we can fully set up the time alignment to give the perfect sound stage in your vehicle and give a perfectly flat linear response.
    With the application of the Skinz sound deadening, the mid bass will increase in both volume and quality as well as keeping bass signals in the cabin area.
    The total package comprises of
    Audison Prima APBMW front speakers
    Audison Prima APBMW rear speakers
    Audison Prima APBMW S8-2, 2ohm version to draw the extra power from the DSP
    Audison Prima AP F8.9 bit DSP Amplifier
    Audison Prima APBMW ReAMP 1 Amplifier harness
    AP T-H BMW01 T-harness to retain the manufactures warranty.

    In addition to the above equipment we will also apply Skinz Sound Deadening to the door speaker locations aswell as the underseat subwoofer areas.

    The best part is the system is the system is warranty friendly and can be reversed when it is time to trade in for a newer vehicle, and if the vehicles are very close in design can be transfered from one to another.

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