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F) Diesel Tuning


For many years, engines have been controlled by Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) that interact with an ever-increasing range of sensors across the vehicle. These sensors send signals, sometimes thousands per second, to the ECU. The ECU interprets these signals and responds to ensure that the engine is running at optimum efficiency and within set safety parameters at all times. This ensures that the factory defined power is delivered whilst maintaining acceptable levels of emissions and economy.

A DTUK tuning system intercepts these signals between the ECU and engine and then modifies them against a set of parameters that we refine individually for each application. These modified signals will, depending on application, interact with fuel, boost, timing and more to increase torque and horsepower. The increased power levels available throughout the engines powerband mean that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard which leads to improved economy.

To see what we can offer you for your car, van, motorhome or even tractor then please contact us.

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