OBD Portector. Obd port theft protection.

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What Is Portector/How does it work?
Portector® is an innovative hardware solution which permanently integrates into the vehicle without the need to cut into the wiring and designed specifically to protect a vehicles OBD port.

It works by stopping the information travelling to the OBD port and therefore prevents a thief from accessing it, effectively closing the OBD port whilst Portector® is armed.

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  • Dedicated OBD Port Protection
  • Thatcham Quality Assured (Certificate Number TQA511)
  • 2x OBD Port Authorisation Cards
  • No hard wiring/cutting in required during installation
  • Registration on The ISR®
  • 36 month warranty
  • No subscription or ongoing costs
  • Take out the hassle by letting one of our highly trained technicians install your OBD Portector. Obd port theft protection. for you.

    Please note : Additional fitting components are usually required subject to the make and model of your vehicle which we can quote you for prior to the installation.

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    Think about an electronic safe being securely fitted on the end of the port. When armed the safe is closed and locked, retaining all of the valuable information in the vehicle. When unlocked and open everything is available. To turn off the system ‘open the safe’ you’ll need the OBD Port Activation Card.

    Portector® provides the owner with the authorisation as to whom gets access to the vehicles information with ‘OBD Port Authorisation Cards’.

    These cards are required to temporarily switch off Portector® and allows full access to the vehicle. It does not prevent any regular servicing/maintenance or other work being carried out on the vehicle providing the owner authorises such work by presenting their card.

    To DISARM the Portector® SWIPE the
    smart service card & flick the SWITCH

    Thatcham Quality Assured
    Portector utilises a range of bespoke wiring looms to seamlessly integrate into a vehicle. This ensures the correct fitment every time, without the need to cut into the vehicles wiring.

    Portector® is Thatcham Quality Assured (certificate number TQA511). This means it has been fully independently tested to meet the industry standards for security and quality.

    It passed and exceeded testing for both opportunist and professional theft attack methods.

    Portector® has been fully independently tested to ensure when fitted, it does not have any negative affect on a vehicle.

    Put it simply…

    ‘Portector® protects against the most commonly known methods used by the modern day thieves to steal a vehicle’.

    Vehicle theft is increasing
    Thieves are now using modern electronic technology to bypass manufacturers security systems and steal vehicles.
    After a 20 year decline, Government statistics for the year to June 2015 showed a 3% increase in police-recorded thefts of vehicles in England and Wales. For the year to June 2016 there was an even greater 8% increase.

    However, this is not just limited to the UK; in France as an example it was recently estimated that 74% of vehicles are stolen electronically.

    Keyless Theft
    This form of crime is often referred to as ‘keyless theft’ or ‘electronic compromise’; whereby thieves do not need the keys to steal the vehicle. Most vehicles taken without keys are stolen using equipment which plugs into the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. This intelligent equipment ‘hacks’ the system and is able to bypass the vehicles integrated security protocols in order to program a new key.

    There are generally two types of this theft carried out:

    Delayed theft of the vehicle
    A recent survey suggested 4 out of 10 people don’t think twice about handing over their car keys to a stranger at a car wash, valet or airport parking, a hotel or restaurant and on many other occasions. Organised criminal gangs have exploited this and are placing people into these job roles to get access to your vehicle. It can take them less than 10 seconds to program a key using their own equipment.

    Personal details such as your address are copied from paperwork and often if this information is not available, tracking devices can be placed in the vehicle or you might be followed until they get the information they need. Once they have a key and a location, it takes just seconds to steal the vehicle at a time of their choosing. There is also little suspicion with type of theft as it is just someone walking up to a vehicle, with a key, getting in and driving away.

    Immediate theft of the vehicle
    This type of theft is slightly higher risk for the thief, but made easy with the equipment they use. Most of this equipment is pre-programmed so that when it plugs into a vehicle, the alarm is turned off during the ‘hacking’ process. It is then used to program a new key or trick the vehicle into thinking the key is already present. In many instances this complete process, including gaining entry can take less than 20 seconds before the thief can drive the vehicle away.

    The equipment to carry out this type of theft is not illegal to buy, own or sell and widely available across the internet. Many of the websites selling this will include tutorials and videos showing the effectiveness of their systems. A recent internet search on a well-known trading site showed a worrying 13,000 suppliers of equipment that could be used to steal a vehicle.

    Tracking or theft recovery devices have their limitations and whilst benefiting the recovering of a vehicle after it has been stolen, most do little if anything to prevent the initial theft. Stolen vehicle data was recently analysed for the first 8 months of 2016 on three of the major vehicle manufacturers. It was found that the average recovery rate after a vehicle has been stolen, is just 28.75%, giving a 3 in 10 chance of getting the vehicle recovered after theft. Most people do not realise, that even if the vehicle is found after being stolen, there is still costs involved for recovery, storage and or repair. These costs will likely affect future insurance premiums.

    Today’s car owners demand convenience from technology. Vehicle manufacturers are at the forefront of introducing features designed to make owners lives easier. Ironically, most owners are having to rely on outdated, cumbersome, bulky aftermarket security solutions like steering locks to protect a vehicle. These are impractical and inconvenience the owner, as they need to be fitted or removed every time you enter or leave a vehicle and also be safely stored when not in use, so that they do not become a potential hazard should the vehicle be involved in a collision or crash. Furthermore, these do nothing to prevent additional keys being programmed or someone accessing any personal information that may be stored in the vehicle.

    To protect against the modern day thief, you must consider a form of OBD port security, and the ultimate in obd port protection is the award winning PORTECTOR.

    **Please Note** Extra items may be required for your vehicle. please call us to confirm.

    Key Features of Portector®
    Permanent protection against unauthorised communication to the OBD port
    Once installed the system is permanently armed and is provided with two short range transponder OBD port authorisation cards, that are registered to the owner. When authorised access is required to the vehicle’s diagnostic system, for example the vehicle is going in for servicing, just present the technician with a card.
    No subscription or ongoing costs
    No daily interaction and Easy operation
    The only time the system will be required to be disarmed is during authorised service and maintenance. It requires no daily interaction or operation.
    Swipe the obd port authorisation card across the LED rocker switch. Once the LED turns off, flick the switch to disarm the system.
    The system is instantly rearmed when the switch is pressed again. The LED will flash 30 seconds after the system is armed.
    As a failsafe, the Portector will automatically arm itself after a set time period if the switch has not been reset.
    No hard wiring, thus not invalidating vehicle warranty
    The obd Portector is integrated into the vehicle by way of extending the OBD port and bonding to the vehicles existing components. This ensures that during installation, no cuts are made into the existing vehicles architecture which may cause issues elsewhere on the vehicle and can impact on any warranty claims.
    By using only automotive grade wiring and components, there is no adverse impact on the vehicle by having an obd Portector installed.
    Works with plug-in telematics systems
    With an increase in the adoption of plug-in telematics devices, by design, the intelligent protection offered by Portector, allows for the use of the majority of these devices (self-calibrating devices only, those plug-in telematics devices requiring information through the OBD port will require an additional wiring harness – sold separately), whilst protecting the vehicle by disabling all CANBUS protocols.
    Secure Registration through The International Security Register
    (The ISR®) with no ongoing costs
    Following installation the unit serial number (which is identical to that uniquely printed on the authorisation card), vehicle and ownership details are securely registered on The ISR® . By partnering with The ISR® we can ensure total safety of this information and further integrity of the system. In the event of loss of a card, only authorisation for a replacement can be given from them, once their strict authorisation protocols have been met.
    Unique unit serial number
    Every Portector system has a unique serial number. This is also printed on the authorisation cards. By assigning an individual number it ensures full traceability from manufacturer to installation. The unique unit serial number is pre-registered at The ISR along with the unit override code.
    5 digit secure override code
    On commissioning and testing of each Portector, the system generates a random 5-digit bypass code. This code is recorded at the factory against the unique unit serial number and recorded on The ISR®.
    This code is required to temporarily disarm Portector in the event of an emergency (when a card is not available and access is required and authorised by the registered owner) or to initiate the system into learn mode, whereby new Authorisation cards can be programmed and existing/lost cards are deleted.
    Only by satisfying the strict protocols that are in place at The ISR ® can any information on this code be provided.
    Loss/replacement authorisation cards
    For a small service cost, in the event of loss of card(s) an engineer will attend. On this visit they will program the new card(s) into the system and during this process, all previous authorisation cards are deleted (if you have any old cards, these can be reprogrammed at this time). In addition, a new 5-digit bypass code is generated and is then automatically updated on the ISR®. This ensures Portector offers a lifetime of obd port protection for a vehicle.
    Alternatively, this process can be provided with step by step instructions for you to follow or give to your trusted service centre or installer.
    Bespoke branding available on OBD port authorisation cards
    The obd Portector can supplied with a bespoke customer communication on the OBD port authorisation card. This offers a lifetime opportunity to market to the owner of the vehicle as each serial numbered unit has the design of the card recorded against it. Should the authorisation cards be lost some years later, the original design will be printed on the replacement service cards and the message reintroduced to the owner or new owner. This is ideal for insurers, vehicle manufacturers, independent and franchise Dealers and hire/leasing companies.

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