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D) Thatcham Category 5 Car Trackers

Thatcham Recognised Installers for Cat 5 Car Tracker throughout Yorkshire, we can offer you a fully mobile installation or you can come into our showrooms and workshops, and most installations can be carried out in around 4 hours.
Cat 5 Trackers are the best available and are suitable for all types of vehicles, including high performance and high value vehicles and most Insurers will advise on a Thatcham Category 5 Car Tracker on vehicles over 40,000, and it is usually mandatory on vehicles over 70,000, although fitting this type of tracker is suitable for all vehicles no matter what their value.
The Scorpiontrack 5 Category 5 Tracker, SmarTrack Cat 5, Meta Trak 5 and the Trafficmaster Trackstar Cat 5 are some of the most advanced products available and are our premium tracking products.